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The Institute for Training, Evaluation and Development (INLAC) is a group of experts dedicated to support organizations in the implementation of management systems that should help organizations to achieve higher results and benefits.

INLAC is a group with experience in the development and implementation of tools and systems aimed to obtain an effective and efficient management.

INLAC participates in several Technical Committees of ISO, in the fields of quality, environment, occupational safety and development of sustainable organizations; contributing this way to the development of competitiveness of countries. ISO standards are applied in more than 180 countries.

INLAC participates in the technical committee ISO/TC 176 since 1994. The committee is responsible for issuing, updating and maintenance of ISO standards on quality management, including ISO 9000 family and parts of ISO 10000 family.


Non-profit foundation committed to supporting the development of reliable governments worldwide, financed by the sales of developed services and membership fees.

NThe main interest of FIDEGOC is to support the development of reliable local governments from the local reality combined with the increase of citizen participation towards sustainable local governments satisfying the needs of their society.

FIDEGOC is stimulating the formation of networks of trusted governments at global, regional, national, state, provincial, intermediate and local level; incorporating relevant organizations and interested, committed persons to this development.

The main goal of FIDEGOC is consolidation of Democratic Governance.


Microsoft Innovation Center focused on Government Solutions, based on international standards in partnership with the International Foundation for the Development of Reliable Governments. RGOV is focused on innovation supported by Microsoft.

The main objective of R GOV is to enable and support an ecosystem that will allow Governments, Businesses and Citizens to be reliable, to work together and to identify and complement each other. R GOV has links with the Government, Industry and Academia to work together in innovation, aiming for solutions of real, complex problems.


The Regional Alliance for Latin America is headed by INLAC, being participant in the Federation of Municipalities of Central America (FEMICA), the American Association of Sociology of Organizations (AISO), Latin American Organization of Intermediate Governments (OLAGI), and the Foundation Ibero-American for Quality Management.