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To improve and certify the services are provided to the royal, the Municipality of Monterrey satisfactorily complied with the indicators of ISO 18091: 2014, underpinned by premises of the Local Agenda 21 of the United Nations.

So this morning was reported at the end of the presentation of the Report on Results of Verification Process Citizen Citizen Observatory for Reliable Governments with Focus on the abovementioned standard.

Members of Citizen Watch, informed the Mayor Margarita Arellanes, that the Government of Monterrey meets all indicators of this standard satisfactorily.

At a press conference, Mayor Margarita Arellanes announced that this verification detected areas of opportunity to improve the service provided to the community to be served immediately and is part of the work done for the city of Monterrey It will become the first municipality to obtain this certification.

"This has been an exercise in civic participation, democratic participation, but above all, has been a very enriching exercise in each of the policies.'re Delivering a document in which certain recommendations are made and where we also found areas opportunity.

"There were evaluated all ministries and most importantly is that this is not isolated or is not unique, but will continuously monitored for the sake of activity undertaken by the Municipality of Monterrey in order to obtain the certification of ISO 18091: 2014, remember that it is the first public body will have this certification because it is directed exclusively to governments, "he said.

The Citizen Observatory held from 22 to 28 October a verification process to check the behavior of 276 sub indicators that are part of Annex B of ISO 18091: 2014.

This process of citizen verification involves the work done in order to have an internationally recognized government Reliable, awarded the World Quality Council.

The indicators are supported in premises of the Local Agenda 21 of the United Nations Organization.

The Citizen Observatory is composed of representatives of business associations, representatives of local universities and specialists in different subjects.

12 process units and 3 Municipal Government institutes were checked.

The members of the Citizen Observatory were accompanied by a representative of the World Council for Quality. It is in the beginning of 2015 when made known if the city of Monterrey achieves this certification.