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The World Council for Quality is connected with a number of different networks. Through these networks the WCQ interacts with the various sources of knowledge, best practices, resources and other issues that are related to its fields of activities.


What is it?

The World Network for Quality in Governments (WNQG) is an network established to support exchange of experiences and knowledge, but also for providing feedback related to the improvements of the management of local governments. Another aim is to connect the various relevant sectors / actors such as local governments themselves, citizen observatories, civil society, NGOs and citizens.

Since the creation of the World Council for Quality, one of its main fields of activities has been the support for the development and use of quality management system in local government, based on the ISO standard 18091:2014.

The network was established with understanding that the quality of services provided by the local government has great importance for the citizens, also taking into consideration that the quality of the public services and policies and the satisfaction of the specific needs of citizens should be measurable. Therefore it was necessary to define an approach that encourages citizen’s participation on one side, also expressing what the requirements are, and on other side to provide measurements outcome showing how far the government has satisfied these requirements efficiently and reliably. In this sense, it was necessary to create a platform where the users of ISO 18091:2014 could exchange their experiences and also provide feedback to World Council for Quality.